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Monday, 6 January 2014

SWAP 2014 Keeping Focus

I've had a SWAP plan in my head based around dark green, black, cream and orange/rust for a little while, and and some way through sewing it.

It is of course at this point I suddenly become hugely inspired by a completely different palette and now have an urging for dark burgundy, warm pink, white and navy blue, with the burgundy in particular really catching my attention. The burgundy and pink could also work quite well with some black, grey and white classics instead of the navy.

The SWAP this year is set up as 3 sets of 3 garments which work together plus 2 wildcards, so I suppose I could have a green set, a black set and a burgundy set if that is something I really wanted.

Anyway in the meantime I have a green tweed waistcoat and a cream knit top to sew up, so those will take at least a week and then I can recap, see if I am still lured by the berry tones.

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edited to add I had a root through the fabric stash and could make a whole 11 piece plum/blackberry/burgundy/wine collection from 5 lengths of fabric I already own, and the pieces would all mix and match with a 3 piece plum suit I bought from the local dress agency. On this basis the whole green and copper thing would just be a little capsule and the berries would suceed instead. Hmmmm.


L said...

This is one of the hardest things about SWAPs. I like my color palette, but then get inspired by something completely different. I'm interested to see how you put together the complete plan with both palettes.

Sharon said...

I definitely can see your dilema and that you have the fabric to do it would be oh so tempting. Now I so wanting some of the dark burgundy and hope that it shows up in the fabric stores here.