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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Orange Dartless Woven Tee - SWAP 2014

I used a narrow panel (110cm) of what seems to be polyester fabric, which had been crinkled and dyed in diagonal stripes of red orange, orange and golden orange. I cut the front so the red orange would be close to my face and the golden areas further away.
This version of the dartless shell blouse is cut slightly wider across the centre front, and the layout on the narrow fabric carefully done to allow a loop scarf to be cut also.
This may well be part of my Verdigris SWAP, being of course the coppery coloured part of the verdigris (though it seems more 'flame' coloured to me, but lets not worry about that!)

This fabric is the sort where you can screw it up into a ball, and when you open it back out again it looks exactly the same, so could be quite useful for travel.
I will try and do some photos of me wearing the recent garments on Friday evening as I do now have a blouse, a skirt and a jacket, so a whole outfit I can show you!
Can you see how the colours in the blouse connect with the copper detailing on the dark green suede boot?
I've added my grandmother's brooch to the lapel as well as this also echoes the copper tones. Conservative but with a little twist of Ruthie colour.


BeaJay said...

Gorgeous. Love that fabric and the top you have chosen to use it with is perfect for the fabric and scarf. Lovely. And well done getting your SWAP going.

L said...

I love the colors in your top! I can see that the colors coordinate with boot detail as well. Your SWAP is progressing nicely. Happy new year!

Jenni said...

What a gorgeous outfit. Love the new top colour for you. Makes a formal suit more you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Ruth, and I love the colour.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous top and love how it gives your suit a pop of colour. Now where did you get the fabric?

SewRuthie said...

Sharon, the fabric was unevenly hemmed as a panel for display and was in the remnant bin at the local roll ends shop. It was an uneven length and width and seems to have been hand dyed though I don't know how as its definitely polyester. They buy cheap rolls and remnants wherever they can get them at the right price so can be quite hit and miss, though always cheap.