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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mattress topper with extra wadding

The sofa bed in the living room isn't particularly comfortable, but it is also not used very often particularly now I have a guest bed in the study/guest room.
However I thought I would try to make it a bit more comfortable when it does get used.
I took a thin mattress topper and a spare summer weight duvet. I cut and pieced the duvet so it was the same shape and size as the mattress topper and then sewed them together with a zigzag stitch all around the edges.
This is the side showing the original mattress topper as is what you would see when its on the sofa bed.
This side shows the extra wadding added from the spare duvet. I have pieced it on the end which is on the right, and cut, stitched and overlocked the edge with the label showing. Its now folded up with the rest of the bedding in the storage table, ready to be pulled out for guests.

I must admit managing all that wadding under the sewing machine needle was really quite a challenge, and I am super impressed now at anyone who makes quilts.

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