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Thursday, 12 February 2015

White turtleneck top

Err its a white jersey turtleneck top using my usual mish mash of bits of patterns and a collar I made myself.
Its very fine jersey and wonderfully soft so it'll be great worn under other things when layering  but fairly unexciting on its own. It also doesn't photograph too well when hung on a white door. However it should be really quite handy.

Theoretically since the 3 machines (sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem machine) are all threaded up in white I should carry on making white tops with the rest of the fabric however I now really want to make blue shopping bags. Its a free country so I probably shall switch over to blue pretty soon.


Julie Culshaw said...

It may be basic but you will get a lot of wear from this. I like the collages of your wardrobes. Inspiring.

Jenni said...

Basic things usually get worn the most so I'm sure this one will go into regular rotation in your wardrobe.