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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mending, alterations and other small sewing tasks

Every so often I have ago at sorting out the recent backlog of alterations, mending and small tasks.
This afternoon I did just that. Nothing much to show you all here on the blog but the list of things done is below. This involved quite a lot of rethreading ofthe sewing machine as nearly every project seemed to need a new colour of thread. However it is quite satisfying that they are now done.
  • trousers - hemmed and button sewn on
  • jacket - button sewn on
  • trousers - hemmed
  • torn and worn out blouse - harvested for buttons
  • holdall strap stitched back into place
  • bag for spare bedding - handle stitched back on
  • excess curtain lining overlocked for laundering
  • jeans hemmed to sensible length
  • Extra wadding layer made up for mattress topper for sofa bed (needs stitching on to mattress topper still)
remaining are
  • pillowcases from extra sheet (to match new on-sale bedding)
  • take in waistband on taupe skirt
  • take in waistband on light grey trousers
  • hem medium grey trousers
  • repair ripped lining on jacket
  • repair dolls clothes for friend and her daughter (having found them when sorting out)
  • shorten 3 curtains and let down a fourth.
  • making bunting detail for bathroom
  • many projects for my stall in May.

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