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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tension rods for nets

I bought some twist and fit tension rods for my little house, I went to two different shops to get the lengths I wanted. I've used them to add net curtains to some of my windows.

The new house is on an estate with lots of other properties nearby and I wanted to give myself a little more privacy. I've also added nets to windows which are not really overlooked but which have a dark black hole when its dark outside. Somehow having a sheer white curtain makes it feel lighter and warmer.

I like the effect so much I think I am going to buy another one for the sewing room and also one for the kitchen.

These are a really great idea and I wish I'd realised this when I had first moved into the house as it would have allowed me to put a lightweight curtain up at any of the windows until I'd got things sorted.
As you can see they twist out to the right length, and the rubbery ends stop them from slipping.
Dunelm Mill had them in white (but not all the lengths) and The Range had them in white, silver and gold in various lengths. I gather they don't work well at very long lengths or with any significant weight on them, but are great for my needs.


Jenni said...

What a good idea and presumably easy to move to different windows, subject to length constraints.

Abby said...

I adore sewing, and your blog is fabulous!


Alison said...

I use shower curtain rods as regular curtain rods in various places both in windows and also to hold doorway curtains to help keep out draughts...

I thought it was interesting/odd that when I look at your blog as a whole, I see the messed up text you are dealing with, but when I click on the individual post, it isn't visible any more...

- indigotiger