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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

KonMari 1.1 Preparation and vision phase

I've been working on my end state vision both by imagining my space and creating some inspiration boards for my clothes and home.
I put all my clean laundry away, have done all my ironing, shortened some too long camis, had a first go at folding things (those camis) collected books from about the house and put them on the bookshelf and I've also been researching other useful KonMari related resources.

This link contains people's answers to how to develop the instint for what really inspires joy.
Several different answers together helped here.

Also since we are starting with the clothing, I had a read up on wardrobe planning, as hopefully that can work in with the discarding and storing also.

And this link discusses approaches to using the KonMari method if you are a creative type with lots of stuff for doing activities (e.g. sewing, but applies in many areas) which I found helpful.
I am a core clothing sewer, with interests in other crafts as well, so it will be interesting to see how I will apply this.

I was quite tempted to do books first as there are a lot less of them then clothes, but decided that I do want to get the most benefit out of it and hopefully this comes from following the guidance as closely as is feasible.
So I will start with clothes and related stuff.

The order is at a high level as follows:-
Books and magazines
Miscellaneous (breaks into sub categories, and I'm putting sewing/craft at the end).

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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Ladyslipper said...

Ruthie - thank you for the useful links. I am about halfway through the book but have not started on the process yet. I will be watching your progress with interest.