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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

KonMari 1.2 Camisole Tops

I know so far the KonMari posts have been light on the photos. So here is my first attempt.
These are little cotton knit strappy camisoles I wear under anything sheer or low cut.
I have shortened about half of them to the best length for me. Three are in duplicate colours (black, ivory, white) and I would always choose the others so these will get donated. I am wearing a teal one.
I've folded them into squares and they are stored in shoe box sized storage I already had (from Ikea, bought for something else) and in a larger deep drawer (for now at least). Later these may move to the smaller drawer unit which is currently still full of underwear, socks, makeup etc.


Jenni said...

I like that folded storage system using the boxes. I started a similar one with interlocking boxes from Ikea in one of my drawers, though mine isn't as beautifully colour planned as your box. I've kept them tidy though, and found I can get more into the boxes if I take the time to retain the original tidy plan.

Fizillion Manager said...

i was little curios i tried on my sisters , it was just like wearing tshirt