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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

KonMari 1.5 scarves

Not quite in order but a simple category late at night.
I love scarves so I am keeping the rolled ones (left) and donating the others (right).
Can you tell what my favourite colour is? I am definitely a Spring colouring, I am donating almost all the Autumn colour palette ones as they are too dark for me.
I may revisit this category again as I have not reduced by much here.


Jenni said...

I wonder if a second go through is necessary. In terms of adding value and versatility to the wardrobe its possible they are worth the space taken up. Particularly if you love the colour and shape enough that you may wear it with multiple colours or outfit options. I am thinking in terms of value per wear versus space taken up. Just a thought. possibly coloured by my own growing scarf collection.

Unknown said...

The contrast between the two piles is very striking. The first are so appealing. I agree that scarves are very versatile, but they are fairly inexpensive to make or pick up, so I would give away or sell the ones you don't love and allow yourself to buy or make a few new ones as the mood takes you.