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Monday, 29 June 2015

KonMari 1.7 Hanging Clothes in Wardrobe

Here's the hanging things in the wardrobe.

The right wardrobe has at the top a basket of Craghopper type casual trousers, and then all my various bodywarmer and fleece type tops.
The hanging section has shirts and blouses by colour, then skirt and trouser suits and then a few things for going to the pub at the weekend (denim skirt/jeans, leather jacket) or parties (nice dresses). This makes it super easy to get dressed for suited meeting days.
At the bottom I have my handbags.
The left wardrobe has smart separates. They are mixed up a bit so that the things which work as outfits are next to each other. I find this easier than having all the jackets together and all the trousers together.
I put things I have worn on the far left to encourage me to cycle through everything. At the far right are a few casual things which are a bit smarter and cooler than Craghopper and a fleece. The top section contains my knee length boots, and the bottom has scarves on the left and belts on the right.
This is probably still too much but is an improvement on what it was like.
I have stopped using my hanger multipliers and will be donating them, including an unopened packet!


Fabrickated said...

I love the look of your wardrobe. The colours are so beautifully arranged. It is hard to be "ruthless" - I have a bag of clothes I know I should throw but I am hanging on to it because I "might" copy the item and make a better one. I am wondering how long I can resist sending it to the charity shop!

Cherie said...

Great closets! Love the organization. I like the way you did matching outfits in the left closet, I need to do that! I have made two excursions through my closet this year, with more than several boxes to donate! Probably still more to go, though.