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Friday, 19 June 2015

KonMari 1.3 knit tops and tees

Folded as per the method these seem to take up less space which will allow me to add in some cooler weather items currently up in the loft.
Casual tops
And smarter tops which can be worn with work clothes.
I got rid of 17 tops and have 2 for alterations. (The discard pile).
Interestingly the discard pile included some duplicates all bought at the same time as each other, 3 tee shirts bought for going on holiday but not in colours I really loved and 3 tops for work which were made of quite thick polyester and were always too hot to wear in comfort (though great for packing for trips).
I need to learn from that!
So feeling pleased about that. There is space in the drawers so I'll be able to add the cool weather tops which are currently stored up in the loft.


Jenni said...

Looking great. Real progress and its great that you have more room for the other season's clothes. Always good to be able to lay your hands on at least one top for each season... since sometimes we can have all four seasons in one week. :)

Julie Culshaw said...

That's a great way to be able to see what you have to wear. And saves a lot of space too.

Unknown said...

I agree with Julie - it is so refreshing to see what you actually have in the wardrobe. It means you really get a chance to look at what you have rather than putting an outfit together from what you remember.

Summer said...

Looks great!