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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Coral Leaf Skirt - Butterick 3972

I made the first first of ployester linen mix leaf print fabric into Butterick 3972.
It was much trickier to cut and sew than the black and white linen print, being much finer weight and very prone to fraying. A good press with a hot iron right at the end seems to have sorted things out and it hangs beautifully, and like a skirt from an expensive shop.
Apologies for the slightly wonky camera angle. I plan to wear it some time this week and will get the wheely bin to take a shot so you can see what it is like being worn.

1 comment:

MaryEllen said...

This is a really cute skirt. I love the print & would like to see it on you . Is it bias ? Great job