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Friday, 4 September 2015

Cool brown silk turtleneck

I needed a break from the sanding and undercoating of workwork so went back to the sewing room to finish off the brown turtleneck.
A burn test on scraps seemed to indicate this is silk which I had suspected as it is gorgeously drapey and delicious against the skin.
This uses the body from New Look 6414 View C and the 3/4 sleeve from New Look 6735 lengthened to full length. I drafted the collar piece myself, the same length as the original neckband but many times deeper.
This will be great under scratchy wool pieces over the Autumn Winter and a good foil for my various coloured chunky necklaces and silk scarves.


Anne said...

I haven't sewn with silk as yet. I do love it next to the skin. This sounds as if it silk fit beautifully into your wardrobe.

Jenni said...

lovely piece and very flexible for your wardrobe. Enjoy wearing it. Silk jersey is so lovely to wear and cool for summer or warm for winter. Great piece.

sdBev said...

I just worked with my first silk jersey. I can assure you it is an incredible fabric and you were most fortuitous to have one in your stash. I think a classic turtle neck is a wonderful and prudent use of this fabric. Love it and confess to a slight fabric envy.

Summer said...

Love it!!!

L said...

Silk jersey is divine. Good on you!

Fabrickated said...

I wish I had some silk jersey. It must be nice to wear.