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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sewing room changes

I had a guest room mostly filled with a double bed, and a small desk/shelves/filing cabinet along one wall.
It was very cramped when using the computer so I often brought it downstairs to the dining table, but it was then in the way for meals.
I had a very small sewing room, filled with shelving and a table wedged under the window between the shelves. It was OK but quite cramped.
I have had one overnight guest in over 4 years and have bought a sofa bed. So decided to make the best use of the house for me but find some solution for guests if/when they come.

So I donated the guest bed, and have just ordered two of these.
These can be used together as a double mattress, separately as single mattresses, and as seating when not in use for sleeping. And are light enough to throw in the car and take when sleeping on the floor at a friend's house.

I have switched the study and sewing rooms over. The folding mattresses will probably be seating in the study. The table in the study has removable legs. So if guests come I will move the computer, take the legs off the table and move it out the room, unfold the mattresses and give them a private space.
I also still have the sofa bed in the living room, so can host up to 4 people if needed, but have more space for my computer and sewing all the rest of the year. I think a happy compromise.


Anne said...

That's a good idea. I once had cubes like these and they worked well. I have guests (family usually) rather more often and still need a bed solution. I have spare rooms one of which would make a nice dedicated sewing room completely getting up the dining room - which we only tend to use when we have visitors. I haven't worked out the best solution.

Jenni said...

Look like a good solution and rather comfy looking too.

Fabrickated said...

I don't really have a spare room (flat too small) but I do think most people keep a space for others to stay in while their main hobby is compromised. Sounds like a good fix Ruth.

Kay said...

yes, that's a smart thinking to use the room for your everyday use (sewing) than use it once in a rare while.. You are getting more value out of your 2 spare rooms with that one decision.