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Sunday, 13 September 2015

First impact to the wardrobe

Yesterday evening and this morning I pulled out a few wardrobe pieces which yelled 'Bright' to me. They clearly don't harmonise with my new palette and hopefully will make a local Clear/Bright person happy once the stuff has arrived at the charity shop.
I haven't really tackled the black items yet and there were some red things which I put back in the wardrobe (not as bright as the red belt and skirt in this photo, so thought they might be OK).

Lots of things in my wardrobe do seem to be in harmony with the current palette, but I fancied a few more and went to some inexpensive places this afternoon, picking up these.
Underneath on the left is a dark green belted cardigan, longer length and with a waterfall front. This is great for bringing out my eyes.
Underneath on the right a burgundy fleece which is a bit more subtle than some I have. It'll work with two of my checked winter casual shirts which contains burgundy.
On the top from left to right, ivory and grey striped boatneck top, the stripes are a bit softer than some of my other striped items, and the boatneck seems comfortable as the fabric is very soft.
Next an ivory and grey marl top (reading as ivory). This is very boring (or is that versatile), but should be a handy neutral piece under things and is much softer than white.
In the middle is a camel top which is a turtleneck unfortunately. I'm going to return this as it is uncomfortable and unflattering. I had swapped it at the last moment for another top and missed the neckline detail. (Returned today)
The 4th top is a soft burgundy marl and great with the fleece jacket.
The last one is a soft medium blue also marled.
The tops were from Primark so a cheap way to try new colours, the cardigan and fleece were from two other places and cost a little more but still not expensive.
I can imagine these all working together with grey, taupe, brown or dark plum trousers.
It'll take a little while to gradually shift the wardrobe over, next weekend I might have a thrift store shop with my swatches or hit the stash and get sewing.


Babsox said...

A dip in a taupe-y dye pot would probably render all those clothes wearable according to your colour scheme.
I hate to see that big green leaf print go – it looks so wonderful.

SewRuthie said...

Well there are lots of clothes in the world.
All but the orange tee and red skirt are polyester so won't dye with the washing machine dye I have as that will do cotton and linen and I think viscose (rayon). The orange tee is double fronted and heavy to wear and takes ages to dry. The red skirt was unworn all summer. So I guess I don't love it enough. That's linen so could be dyed terracotta or chocolate brown but would still have red stitching. So I guess I decided just to let it go