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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wardrobe sort out

I have all my clothes out on rails or in suitcases, this includes all of the autumn/winter clothing from the loft as well. The amounts seem excessive and I am finding it a little overwhelming.

So far with my palette in hand I have separated out the black and too bright things. I've also put the summer specific stuff to one side and they will go back in the loft during the winter.

As you may recall the right hand section of the built in wardrobe is built in over the stairwell.
Whilst this makes good use of the available space it does mean that things in this section of hanging space, particularly across to the right are difficult to access meaning it is best used for bulky and less used things.

Any tips on how it would be best to hang things? Advice seems to be to hang by type of garment and then by colour, separating matching suits. I might keep my suits together, and then work out what skirts/trousers could go with which jackets. or maybe I need to have a big trying on session first.

As a muted but able to go slightly warm and cool I have both brown and grey in the wardrobe, which don't go with each other too well, but can play with the soft reds, warm pinks and teals.

I have made good progress this evening trying jackets on and allowing things to go. Someone around my size will find a great black based wardrobe in the local charity shops!

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