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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wardrobe gaps

I have been through all the suits, jackets, trousers and skirts now trying things on. Donating lots of it.
I have found a few wardrobe gaps.

I need smart knit dresses in a dark colour but not black.I have 4 black dresses, two purchased, two self sewn. All a reasonable fit and very appropriate. I have kept them for now in case I need them.
I need to replicate those dresses in navy, burgundy, charcoal and brown.

I also need some navy trousers.

I still need to  sort through and decide on knit tops, knitwear casual trousers etc.


Jodi said...

Great progress, Ruthie! I am tackling our living room next and then the scary closet. You have given me incentive to keep it on the list!

Sew-To-Fit by AD Lynn said...

It is always good to have a plan to sew from.

helenko said...

I think charcoal in particular works very well as a dark neutral! Go for it Ruthie!

Anne said...

I need to do this! Groan. My colours are similar and dark neutrals are same, not black. Good luck.

Fabrickated said...

You are doing brilliantly. And how nice to have a clear idea of what you need to make next. Good luck.