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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Change of SWAP direction

I have been trying to make something which follows the SWAP rules and also satisfies me aesthetically and I was getting quite stumped. Then I decided to put the duck egg blue to one side for now and inject some soft red instead.
In my wardrobe I found two previously made items in red which I thought could add the much needed pep.
 New Look 6071 knot front red dress
 Rhonda Buss 'Lend me your shoulder' top in red jersey.
So the new plan could look something like this, and only needs a plain navy top and a plain ivory top to be complete. Phew!


Cherie said...

Ruthie, love this new direction for your SWAP. I am a sucker for a tomato red, and this softer coral is great, and is great on you. Looks to be a very wearable wardrobe with great color bits!

Jenni said...

Lovely. I think the red accent really draws it together. Great set of garments.