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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Charity Craft Stall: Draught excluders

It's just over 2 weeks to my Bank Holiday Charity Craft Stall and I thought I had better make a few more things to fill the stall.
Here are 3 more draught excluders, two from a dark blue heavy upholstery fabric which has an outer blue twill and an inner white lining bonded to it. The third one is wool tartan (and I have a fourth also in wool tartan cut out but not yet sewn). Hopefully at some point I will make myself a tartan skirt with the rest of this fabric. However if that doesn't happen again this winter I'll make some tartan cushions for next year's craft fair.
I also have a partially contructed bag from the blue fabric but have not yet found the blue stripe webbing to use for handles.
I have a feeling that work pressures, trying to complete SWAP and having to eat/sleep are going to interfere with my ability to produce a lot more for the stall, though happily I have stashed a bunch of things which I've made but never worn, and have made beading earrings and hair scrunchies plus a few cushions and some other random things, so hopefully there will be enough to fill the stall on 2nd May and lots of money will be raised for the charity.

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lynne delnegro said...

i feel exhausted just reading about all that you accomplish. kudos to you.