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Monday, 18 April 2016

Charity Craft Stall - fabric shopping bags

I made these on Sunday, 7 more shopping bags to have on my stall on 2nd May.
I already made one of each design, so now I have 9 really nice bags to sell.

Leather bookmarks next, cut from some bags of leather scraps I bought years ago.
I'm going to start with boring rectangles and go from there, I saw some cool leather bookmarks in the shape of a leaf.
 A few of my colleagues have said they would buy the bookmarks before the event, so definitely worth doing as I might get some presales.


JuliaRu said...

good thing you didnt kon mari that leather and other scraps.... : )

Kay said...

Ruthie, I remember you asked once about professional wardrobe on SG forums. I found this blog today - a wardrobe consultant in UK for executives and her blog has good information esp. at management/exec level wardrobe.


Thought you might be interested.

Jenni said...

Lovely bags. Those should sell well I would imagine.