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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Missoni-esque fabric: T shirt style blouse

I bought the fabric for this little top on Monday at the local open air market.
Tony the usual market stall holder had brought some rolls from the corners of his storage location and this one caught my eye. It reminds me a little of Missoni patterns.
Its a polyester with a metallic stripe and a printed zip zag pattern made of small blocks in shades of brown, olive, turquoise, red, pink, gold and white.
It seemed to reflect of lot of my personal colouring all in a print and I thought would be great for travelling as would pack easily, wash and dry on the move and go with any plain bottoms.
I wouldn't normally wear much polyester so have made this into a very simple loose T style blouse - the hems and edges are simply turned and stitched.
This is based on the Kirsten Kimono Tee with different side seam shaping, slightly longer sleeves a narrower neck which is higher at the back and more scooped at the front and a curved hemline, but other than that it is like it!
I fits quite nicely now, and will just become looser as I lose a bit of weight. If it becomes crazily baggy I can always run the sides in a bit.

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Lyndle said...

I like it! Great fabric find and very versatile top. I'm also impressed at your speed from purchase to garment.