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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Simple Home Dec Sewing

I decided to replace the golden beige covers I used for cushion and bean cube quite a while ago - December 2011 Home Dec Sewing.
I have a different house and different sofa now but the bean cube is still in daily use as are two of the large 22" cushions.
They have now had a neutral makeover that works better in the new place. It is a little boring but I have various accent cushions I can use as well.
And it avoids too much competition with the wonderful Barcelona Stained Glass Window Quilt made for me by my lovely and talented Auntie Joy.
Apologies slightly strange angle I seem to have taken the photo. Gives the idea though.
The beancube cover is made from the same Ikea curtain panel as the cushions but is nearer the camera clash hence the lighter colour. The curtain panel is a neutral type colour with horizontal ribbed stripes.

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