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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Simple Burda Trousers

I'm wanting some simple trousers suitable for work. I had a look through the Burda back catalgue and struck lucky in 2009. I knew it was worth keeping the mags (and saying thanks when extra years were being donated by others).

In April 2009 there were these plus size designer ones with an elastic waist - super easy but probably better with a top over them.
And then on to July where there are some simple trousers with handy zipped side pockets (could be omitted) as part of a Plus size special occasion spread.
A third option could be from August 2010.
These could be made with two plain sides and no wrap.

I am planning on losing some of my excess weight but it'd be lovely to have some trousers to wear to work as I do that.

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