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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Adding laces to boots

I had some Khahki knee high boots which were a bit tight in the leg for wearing over trousers as I had planned.
They are a good tone with my hair though so I decided they were worth keeping.
I cut up the back elastic section with scissors and applied fray check. I decided to use a length of twill tape down each side (with a twist at the bottom). I measured the length and unpinned the twill tape, then I used the stitich on my Janome which sews a little circle eyelet and spaced these every 1.5" down the tape, fray checked, and cut open with my dinky buttonhole cutter (it has a tiny circle which was perfect and a straight for normal buttonholes) then sewed the twill tape on and then laced up with some purchased boot laces.
I can now make them whatever tightness I like on the leg and easily get leggings or whatever underneath. Success.


Karen said...

That's brilliant! I've never altered shoes.

CAN I said...

How totally awesome of you! Both yo make, and to share.

andib said...

you are so clever ruthie!

Alison said...

Ruthie that is one of the most amazing transformations I have seen! It never would occur to me that altering boots was even possible without specialty machines. Those look great and should be a LOT more comfortable. Hmmmm you give me ideas to file away for the future, since I pretty much never get boots because my calves are not petite

JuliaRu said...

great. I've passed on buying lots of boots because they didn't fit my calves...definitely something to consider next time.