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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lenten Challenge - Update 4

I'm now working on past 20, and trying to get to 30. This seems to be working quite well for recycling, not too bad for fixing, moderate for donations and woeful for created. It is interesting how I can't keep all 4 columns going evenly at once.

I do have two scarves hemmed which need decorating and two scrunchies partly assembled, so may be able to get those 'Created' totals up a bit.

I decided not to count DBF refinishing the garden bench, since my only involvement was to find him a paintbrush, the stain and a drop cloth before I went back inside to do work stuff. Happily a couple of work deadlines have now passed so hopefully next week will be more manageable and give some time in the evening.

Off to the sewing room to finish those scrunchies.

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Alison said...

You are making really good progress. I am cheering you onwards from all the way on the other side of the globe

I have noticed that I find it somewhat impossible to evenly make things go away and also do creative work, for me it seems that my focus shifts and sometimes I am doing really well at making new thing, and my decluttering is less successful, and when I am focused on my discarding and organising, that I then am not really adding to my creative "output". This was one other reason why I decided to track my progress over a whole year, as that allowed me to "catch up" when my efforts didn't really balance out.