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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Lenten Challenge Update 2

Here's my update since last time (just over a week).
I have paused on creating new things but I have fixed 4 more things, recycled 8 more things and donated 9 more things. So it is looking a bit more even.
If I can get all the columns over 20 then I'd be half way to my target, how great that would be. Obviously I have a bit of a way to go there, but definitely made progress in the recycling and donation columns in the last few days.

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Anne said...

We're not doing too badly either. I either had to replace the 2 way zip in my outdoor jacket £17.60 from JL and a difficult task or discard. David fixed it yesterday. He also looked out another jacket from storage so I didn't need to rush to buy one I'd his repair didn't work.