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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lenten Challenge Update 3 (half way to my goals)

Hi All, I have finally managed to get 20 items in all four columns.
This means I am half way to my challenge totals and I still have quite a few weeks to go, so lots of time to really make an impact.

I was really struggling with the last two columns, but then I had a go at sorting paperwork and generally tidying the study, which seemed to unblock the recycled column a bit.
And then tonight I managed to find a few things to add to the donation bag, I must say this part was quite hard to do, however I tried to be rational about it. So for example I had four tan coloured bags, I kept the two tone leather one and the larger structured one, but released a very small leather one (too small for my uses and scale I felt) and one which was very floppy and had a lot of zipper detail as I thought I would always choose one of the other two. I also found a paperback and some uncomfortable boots to donate. Phew! It felt like a challenge today.


Alison said...

you are doing great! it does get easier in some ways the more you find small things to let go of...

SewRuthie said...

OK its good to hear. There was a bizarre point where because I'd spent the money on something in the past and it would work for sewing blog photos, but not to actually wear (e.g. uncomfortable boots) then I was resistant to releasing them. Very much 'its my stuff and I'll keep it if I want to!' Working on overcoming that. Hopefully the awareness is half way there.