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Saturday, 4 March 2017

SWAP update (or lack thereof)

I don't seem to be doing SWAP any more. I lost some weight and its now slowed up so a lot of existing older clothes are now back wearable so I don't have the driver that I need clothes. I also have quite a heavy workload at work, had a trip, am sewing for a charity craft stall in May and am catching up on all the minor repairs and shortening curtains etc. I have put off for a while. I am still enjoying seeing what everyone else is doing but currently don't feel the urge to sew new clothes for me. I might join in with the Summer 6PAC on Stitchers Guild once I get the summer clothes down from the loft and see what I've got up there and how it pans out for work.

The main thing I've done recently wardrobe wise is buy items which help support wearing the clothes I have (if that makes any sense), so
ankle boots in various colours in the sale.
XL tights so they are comfortable to wear.
little shoe liner type socks to wear under the tights with the boots.
Belts in toning colours which hold trousers up,
also some elastic belts for a smooth finish under tops (did these myself)
new bras as the old ones were a bit stretched out.
And I'd also caught up with lots of minor repairs so favourite items are back in circulation.

So I've been making a bit more effort to wear nice outfits. I have worn suits, dresses, skirts, trousers + jackets, shirts instead of just knit tops. I've used coloured bags instead of just the black one and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself


CAN I said...

Good for you! It all sounds very productive, and great value to use the items you have collected. The boots and other accessories sound like fun items that make getting dressed fun more than chore. Hope it gives you a little pep for the office grind.

Alison said...

Hopefully you are not feeling too disappointed about deciding not to go ahead with SWAP. I think that what you are doing is in many ways even more helpful, as having the kinds of pieces that make the wardrobe you do have function better makes a big difference! The idea of having some coordinating boots, and bags does sound like fun.