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Sunday, 2 April 2017

More infinity scarves

I'm trying to make some more items for my charity craft stall on 1st May.
This weekend DBF and I made 34 jars of Chilli Chutney and I made 5 scarves. The chutney is in the spare fridge in the garage, waiting for another day when I can do the labels and dress some of the less pretty jars with fabric. I'll share those another time, in the meantime here's the scarves.
each is approx 2metres long (and half the width of the fabric) and can be worn looped 2 or 3 times round the neck.

These two scarves are from a beautiful paisley print polyester in turquoise, taupe, blue grey and black. I love the print and colours.
(I bought this fabric on Preston market with YorkshireLass and some other ladies at a sewing weekend in 2008). I still love the print but decided that the 100% polyester was not something I wanted as a top or skirt, but I may keep one of these scarves for myself.

The next two scarves are from this denim blue and turquoise print. I have no memory of buying this fabric which is a nice quality cotton but quite a narrow width. I only used 2 metres of this for the scarves and saved the other piece to make a simple summer top. The print is great for hiding the seams. I fancy keeping one of these for myself and think it could be cool with my denim jacket.
The third scarf is from some very wide jersey (170cm) in printed black and grey stripes. I've cut it across the fabric and this still made a good scarf. I wouldn't want to keep one for myself as the colours don't work at all, but may well make some more as I think it might appeal to others. The jersey is deliciously soft, but every time I drape it over myself I think, lovely soft fabric, but doesn't suit me! So I am planning on making the rest of the fabric into more scarves, I use about 75cm per scarf so can get another 2 scarves the same.
I bought these trousers in Debenhams as I needed some plain black trousers for choir. Astonishingly the fit was pretty good, they were comfortable, washable and smart. I have a lot of trouble finding RTW trousers and often have to alter them so I was over the moon and just bought them.

You can't see too well but they have front slash pockets, back welt pockets, front zip, belt loops and belt and a tiny section of comfort waist. So I've decided to spare myself the pain of sewing trousers right now and just buy some more of these. They come in grey, navy, taupe, beige and natural, so I am definitely going to buy the taupe and navy as well and have a think about the other colours (grey is instore but the taupe, beige and natural seemed to be online only at the moment, maybe they will come in store nearer to the summer).


Karen said...

I'm always so impressed with how productive you are! (Said as I'm lounging on the couch with a cat on my lap.)

Faye Lewis said...

Very nice scarves Ruthie. I love making them, such a quick sew too.

Summer said...

What great scarves! And great trouser find!