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Monday, 24 April 2017

Wardrobe Oprhan 3 - Burgundy Jacket

This was originally a grey jacket, with black and white flecks. It was too cool on me so I overdyed it was dark red, the resulting jacket is a rich burgundy colour.
This is quite good for me, and in the winter I wear it with dark brown knee high boots and tights (and a brown or ivory top) and this sweater knit skirt
which is a great outfit for cold weather.
As is this brighter burgundy skirt.
I guess that means its not strictly an orphan, but its not getting much wear now, so I wanted a way to wear it in Spring as well.

I already own some burgundy leather brogues, burgundy chelsea boots and a bugundy handbag. I have many necklaces including some in dark red/burgundy type colours.

I do an image search for 'burgundy jacket outfit' and look at the pictures. I have a brief flash back to wearing a burgundy blazer with navy skirt, white shirt and striped tie to secondary school and shudder slightly.

A lot of the items are styled with jeans or black trousers, I sigh gently to myself as these are too casual or too cool for me. I save a few pictures and then go back and look at them again.

I notice that I particuarly like the outfits styled up with tan or cognac brown. I look in my wardrobe and discover I don't have much this colour. I have a look for burgundy with pink.

Perhaps I will go with coral pink (to warm it up and analagous with the burgundy) and black, navy or taupe trousers, plus the burgundy shoes or boots plus bag. Maybe a gold necklace for a bit of warmth.

Or I could make up this fabric as a top
or perhaps this one
Have to see if it does get worn.

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Geoknitter said...

Those burgundy-taupe/cognac combos do look really sophisticated - I wonder if they are mixing the amount of "warmth" that the colors have - giving it a little more contrast and interest. I'm not sure what I mean, but I've seen burgundy/brown look boring and the ones you are showing don't have that feel.