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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Recovered dining chairs project

Back in November I started work recovering some old dining chars.

I painted the frames, made a template for the chair covers, covered the backs and cut out and overlocked the edges of the seat covers, then some time passed. Finally a few weeks ago my dad helped me finish off the project using my new electric staple gun.
Here's the result. Normally round the table in the conservatory, but can be stacked when not needed or alternatively used when the dining table is fully extended.
I'm fairly happy with them and they will get a few more years of use.


sdBev said...

Great project! Nice of your dad to help out, too.

CAN I said...

Glad you are finally done with those...love the color. I am not sure I would have thought of painting the frames but that makes a huge difference. Looking forward to what you make of your new fabrics and how you continue to combine them in your wardrobe. Thanks for the recent posts on orphans- very thought-provoking. I need to pull out the items I don't wear enough and look for fresh combinations.