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Saturday, 15 April 2017

More tricks for Wardrobe Orphans - scarves

Another trick for making outfits from disparate items is to use scarves.
I have a huge basket of scarves in the botton of my wardrobe which I bring out when inspiration is needed. I pulled out all the ones which contained purple somewhere and put them with the jcket, though several of them would also work well with the skirt (but not both together!)

1. Ivory scarf with lavender print

Here's the jacket with my recently made lavender print scarf. Just add an ivory knit top and black pants and that's another outfit.

2. Green, pink and purple scarf
This long scarf has a watercolour painted effect in soft shades of green, pink and purple. Its like an abstract garden. Imagaine this one with separates or a dress in soft sage green. Lovely.

3. Desigual Aqua Blue Scarf

This has soft purple shades in with the aqua blues and greens. This would be great with a toning blue/green top and maybe navy trousers.

4. Red Silk Scarf
This silk scarf was made by me in Dec 2013. The outfit would probably have a red knit top or blouse and black trousers.

5. Book of Kells Scarf
This scarf has purple and green on an ivory background and uses motifs from the Book of Kells. This could inspire an outfit with an ivory top or blouse and dark green trousers.

6. Adini stripe scarf
This scarf from Adini in red, pink, orange and purple, is more casual, so I'd probably wear this with jeans and a tee shirt.

Scarves 1, 3 and 6 would also work really well with the casual purple skirt, a tee and the denim jacket.

As well as the scarves I have multiple necklaces which include purple - purple with grey, purple with amber, purple with coral pink, purple with brown and purple with silver. Any of these can also inspire a colour scheme.

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