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Friday, 28 April 2017

Simple Sewn Crafts: Hair scrunchies

These are the most recent ones which are made from strips of jersey fabrics.
I have a basket full of all different colours and fabrics as people like to be able to choose.
I started making these when I had longer hair, now its cut too short to need them myself, but lots of girls and young women have long hair (the fashion these days) so hopefully a few will buy. 
The things I have been showing recently are just items sewn up in the last few weeks.
I sew and create on and off all year and have a few things from previous times as well.

So on the stall I have

Infinity scarves
Straight scarves
Draught excluders
Shopping bags
Drawstring bags
Leather book marks
Cufflinks (made from shank buttons and wire)
and Chilli Chutney which DBF and I made together.

I will try to take a photo of the stall this year, lets hope I make lots of money for the chairty.

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sdBev said...

Id love to see a photo of your stall.