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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

And even more scarves

I made two more scarves from the grey and black stripe jersey. Each came out slightly different. One seems more emphatic on the thick black stripe the other softer on the grey, perhaps the way they are styled. However I put the seam to the back on each one and this seems to shift what stripe is front and centre.

I then noticed some fabrics which are good on both sides and tear nicely. A good indicator is if the vendor snipped the selvedge and tore the fabric when you bought the fabric. So I made this into classic scarves with torn edges. (measure, snip, rip, snip, pull off and trim loose threads, style).
I got five 50cm x 150cm scarves out of this animal print. I've kept one for myself and it was great worn for work with the black trousers, ivory top and a caramel jacket. So I have 4 for the charity craft stall.
I got four 50cm x 150cm scarves out of this dark pink fabric. The edge had some writing on it so I have a narrow piece I couldn't use which could be a scrunchie. Again keeping one for myself as this muted but rich pink is in my palette.
I got five 50cm x 150cm scarves out of this warm coral pink fabric. Again keeping one for myself as this lovely soft warm pink is in my palette (and very flattering when I'm a bit tired!)
I only made two 50cm x 150cm scarves from this fabric as it is quite a unique print and although I love it, it may not have such mainstream appeal. One for me, one for the stall. I have 2m left which is put back in the cupboard to be a lining in a jacket at some point.

If I add all these scarves into the tally (but subtract the ones I think I'm keeping one of for myself....) I have still hugely upped the scarf numbers (now on 21). I may yet decide to release some of 'my' scarves onto the stall as well, but they are making me pretty happy right now.

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Anonymous said...

I love the printed scarf - that fabric is gorgeous and would go with so many things. Scarves are such a great stash buster. Thanks for remind me to get on that :)