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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Simple Sewn Crafts : Drawstring bags

These bags are great for gifts, travel or craft stalls. I make them in all sorts of sizes with one or two drawstrings depending on what I think would work best.
The main thing to remember is to leave a gap in the side seam when you sew it up as this allows the ribbon/cord to come through.
 One medium green and floral striped one with a jade green shoelace as the cord.
 Two large pink and floral striped ones with lilac ribbon. These would be great for laundry bags
Three smaller blue floral ones (again with lilac ribbon as I had a whole reel of it!). Great as shoe bags or to keep the delicates separate in a suitcase.
And one smallish medallion rose print with a green ribbon which matches the rose stems.

I make them to suit the sizes of the remnants I have available. I had sold out of all of the ones made previously so thought a new stock would be good.

I have some plainer blue ones cut out ready but requiring a change of thread colour on the machines before I can proceed. They may show up later in the week.

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