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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Simple Crafts: beaded earrings and bracelets

Also for the charity craft stall (but great for gifts or just to make for yourself). I got my bead box out, took over the dining table and made these.

20 pairs of earrings, these still need putting into presentation packs. I cut card to size on the guillotine and cut two slits for the ear wires, then pop the whole thing inside a small plastic self seal bag. This is easier for people to rifle through on the stall.
And twelve bracelets with stretch elastic
you may be able to see that some of the bracelets and earrings use the same sets of beads.

When I have a few co-ordinating beads (but not really enough for a necklace), I see which ones I have two of and arrange pleasing combinations for pairs of earrings. Then I take the co-ordinating but odd beads and string them together in a bracelet. I've done this with the black and turquoise bracelet on the top row, using the spare beads from the earrings in the bottom row. The turquoise beads came from a mixed pack, but contained quite a few odd ones so mixing them in with the shiny black beads (where I had a lot all the same) seemed to work quite well.

It feels like whilst I do have enough earrings (There are another 16 pairs from a previous beading session), the bracelets are a bit low in volume. I would be happier with 20 or 24 rather than just the 12 above. I have plenty of beading elastic and the bead box is already out so maybe this afternoon once all the other prep is sorted.

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