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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wardrobe Orphan 2 - Purple jacket

Wardrobe Orphan 2 - Purple jacket

This one was not quite so obvious. I did various image searches for purple jackets and wrote down a long list of things worn with the purple jackets which included:-
white, black, grey, brown/cream, stripes, animal print, pearls, mustard, jeans, black and white checks, soft green, floral, teal and grey, navy, green, floral black, lace and cognac leather.

Then something went 'ding' in my head and I remembered I had a purple animal print blouse from M&S, so I dug it out to find it went quite well with the jacket, I then recalled some 3 tone purple brogues I bought from the Clarks outlet and got those out too, and then added some taupe trousers from Debenhams and a necklace from the necklace wall.

This went together nicely as an outfit. I wore it to work, got compliements and took a photo when I got home.
(hard to believe this is the same jacket and trousers as above, the colours don't work too well on the little camera).

It definitely helps that I hang all my smart tops/blouses on hangers by colour so it is easy to find the purple blouse on the rail.


Anne said...

A very useful and informative as well as successful exercise. I hadn't thought of animal print. You like dark green (I don't) I believe- some recommend that with purple? Heather colours. I do actually have a pair of golf tartan trousers with green (2 shades where colours cross), purple/burgundy, navy, black. Nice. I tend to wear with navy.

Julie Culshaw said...

Love those shoes. I must do this with my orphans, I have quite a few of them, some items have never been worn!

Alison said...

what a great outfit... I would never have picked those to go together, and your research is so useful...

sewTreefrog said...

Love the outfit. I'm really enjoyed your last couple of posts. I had a couple of items that I was going to rehome, but your posts have had me doing a couple of image searches to find ways I can use them. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice outfit and love those shoes!