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Thursday, 11 April 2019

SWAP Ink Lace Knit Top

I'm back on my SWAP/wardrobe sewing again.

This piece is made from a stretch lace with a plain knit lining to the body only.
Its made from my favourite pattern New Look 6735.
I've used the direction with the greatest stretch going around the body, which was actually lengthwise on the fabric. So the hems are the selvedge.

Construction therefore was different
- centre back and shoulder seams on lining body
- centre back and shoulder seams on lace body
- neck seam (with inserted elastic)
- topstitched neckline
- basted lace and lining together around the armhole and inserted the sleeve flat.
- topstitched sleeve seam to body
- basted lace and lining together at each side, then basted the side seams and sleeve seam.
- once confirmed OK, stitched and overlocked, threading overlock ends back into the seams.
- the knit lining has a high cotton content so should be nice to wear, it is left unhemmed and slightly shorter than the lace.


Catherine said...

Such a pretty top!

Cherie said...

Lovely! Clever about the lining also.