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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Testing Ikat Bag Pop Pouch

When LiEr posted the request for pattern testers for the Pop Pouch (a clever cross between a pencil case and a pen pot) I volunteered and was really happy to be one of those selected.
Pop Pouch on Ikat Bag Blog

The instructions are very detailed and enabled me to create these Pop Pouches
Here they are zipped up and keeping the contents safe.

And unzipped in pen pot mode, so you can access your pens and pencils.

This one has a contrast striped lining, the others have plain linings.

It has been fascinating to challenge myself to make something different and I enjoyed learning something new.

Based on the feedback from the testers LiEr is making some small tweaks to the instructions, so its not out for sale yet, but once it is I'll link to it.


expat in Side said...

Two of my favourite bloggers in one post! I do enjoy seeing all your projects, Angela

Dawn said...

How fun that you were one of the testers. They turned out great. I briefly considered applying, but I don't always sew fast enough for the commitment. I will wait until she gets the pattern published. These would be perfect for my grandsweeties.