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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sewing in small chunks of time

Recently my work has been rather busier than I would like. I'm taking steps to get it back under control but in the meantime I've learned some things about sewing when you don't have much time which I thought might be useful to others.
- Don't put off sewing all together becuase you only have small chunks of time. Its a valuable outlet and can be a real stress buster.
- Choose a project that is fairly easy to achieve. I am not saying dumb it down, but if you pick a knit tee it'll be finished and wearable a whole lot earlier than a complex jacket.
- Choose something you can wear straight away. ie is seasonally appropriate, is the right size, suitable for your lifestyle, flattering colour etc and works with at least one other thing in your wardrobe even if its only a plain tee or jeans. That way you can wear your new garment as soon as its completed.

- Break the project into bits, you don't have to have a whole day to sew just a few minutes on each task.
- Choose fabric and pattern, make sure you have thread, zipper, buttons etc so you don't have to stop. Put them together so they don't get lost. I like plastic zip lock bags.
- thread up the overlocker and sewing machine so they are ready.
- Cut out the pattern and make any little alterations you normally need.
- Cut out the garment leaving the pattern pieces pinned on.
- if required apply interfacing, cut linings etc.
- Sew a few seams, insert the zipper, press, then hang the partly garment on a hanger to inspire you.
- Sew a few more seams until its done.
- Do hems, elastic, buttonholes and buttons etc

- Choose a day to wear your new garment, make sure its pressed and you wear other nice things with it.
Enjoy wearing it.

When I am really pushed for time I make PJ pants from an old TNT pattern, add a purchased tee shirt and I have lounging or night wear. This is also my fave way to use up outlandish prints that are a bit too wacky for daytime. Lampshade prints, cartoon cats, slightly too kitschy florals etc all make great PJs.
You can add to too short pants with contrast print with a little ribbon at the seams.
I still get the 'I made this' buzz even though time was very limited.


Debbie Cook said...

Great advice Ruthie!

Sharon said...

Thank you Ruthie this is great advice and one I need to keep in mind.

Jenni said...

Ruth, what excellent advice. I really should print that out and put it in my sewing room.