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Friday, 16 July 2010

Striped Top

Here's the striped fabric from Leeds market made up into a long sleeved knit top.
I picked a simple style as the stripes are so dominant, and I think that has worked out OK.
I cut the neckband out of the widest navy stripe so it was all navy for a simpler look than having stripes there too. I also cut the back on the fold again to keep the stripes even. The pattern does have a centre back seam which gives a nicer fit, but here I wanted to showcase the stripes so will have a bit of lower back puddling I will have to live with.
It still needs hemming which I will save for another day.
It was a bit fiddly matching the stripes up but the knit gives a bit of fudge factor.
This is to wear with the Union Jack jeans for casual wear.


Sharon said...

Love the top and you have done an excellent job on the matching.

Joy said...

Nice job on the matching - I can see the stripes match in the back too! Isn't it great to whip up a simple style sometimes? (Actually, I do that a lot...)

gwensews said...

I love striped Ts. This one is great!

Jenni said...

Wow, what a wonderful match. Love the whole thing and it will look fab with the jeans. Well done.