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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Totally Fabrics

....had a sale (40% off and I bought a few pieces of fabric).
All jersey lycra print knits
White turquoise navy fan print - 1.5 metres
Black white red pink abstract print - 2.0 metres (so could be an eye popping dress for work)
Cream brown turquoise gold - also 2.0 metres though not sure this reads as a dress as it has a pale background. But could make some great knit tops with it to wear with choc brown separates.
Orange blue and brown leaf print - also 2.0 metres. An even more eyepopping dress????
Perhaps with choc brown bands it could be relatively tasteful.
Plum, red, navy and white print - only 1.5 metres as this was all that was left. Not really enough for a dress for me unless I have a minimal layout, straighten the skirt slightly, have short sleeves etc. I have to try as it would make a really great dress
Anyway we will have to see what the lengths are like when they actually come since a few are end of bolt, and I've noticed are therefore sometimes slightly short.

I did order a 6th fabric, but that must have got sold out as they already refunded my order.


sdBev said...

Yum. I love these prints. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Sharon said...

Beautiful fabrics, pity I live so far away as I could easily take them home.

Gail said...

Love the top and bottom pieces.

Jenni said...

Oooh, yummy prints. The brown/orange/gold/teal dotted is particularly lovely and the top one shown that looks a bit like fans.

sheila said...

Hmmm! Please stop posting fabric scores! It gives me an uncontrollable, desperate need to add to my already considerable stash. I went to TotallyFabrics, but couldn't find anything as pretty as the blue fan fabric. Still needing a fabric hit, I went sales shopping (fabric is not cheap in Brussels),I ended up spending 74 euros on yummy gorgeousness. Did I need it? Define NEED, I challenge you.(I had already spent 105 euros the previous week.)Do I blame you? You bet! Am I happy? Oh, yes!!!!
Love your blog! Sheila

SewRuthie said...

LOL Sheila! Don't overdo things. I seem to be buying and not sewing much right now, but at least I do wear things I previously sewed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I bought a dress in that top white/navy/teal flower print several years ago from M&S (I think) and THEN saw it featured in an American designer's catalogue (can't remember which one - a la Eileen Fisher though). It's very stretchy and nice. Great scores.