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Monday, 12 July 2010

Weather and lack of sewing

Other than Friday evening's sewing I've not managed any more over the weekend though I've been reading blogs, magazines, looking at patterns etc.

On Saturday here it reached 30 degrees Celsius and that's very hot for the UK. My northern English brain couldn't handle it (and I guess I wasn't drinking enough) as I felt distinctly unwell.
Yesterday it was quite a bit cooler and today (Monday) its down to 15 degrees and gently raining.

I'm travelling a bit less with work this week so hope to get some cleaning/tidying/sorting or even sewing done in the evenings.


BetsyV said...

I hear you about the temperature, Ruthie. We got up to 38C here last Tuesday, and I could barely move around. I certainly couldn't sew, as I couldn't bear to have the lights on. 30C is quite normal for us in the summer, but still, I personally feel it is too hot!

Deb said...

Ruthie it was 24c yesterday and is supposed to be the same today, but it's the middle of winter here. Summers here are pretty hot so 30c sounds good to me but it is all about what you are used to :)
I hope you are feeling better today ...