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Friday, 3 June 2011

Desks moved to utilise the view

I worked from home today to test out the newly connected broadband and realised despite having a view of green hills and trees n stuff out my window both the sewing table and the computer desk were helpfully constructed by dad to face blank white walls.
They have now been moved by yours truly to both be partly under the window. This has proved btw that dad was right (as they mostly are) when he said the desk was not fit for purpose and needed to be replaced, as its now held upright by being sandwhiched by the filing cabinet but hey ho.
Of course by the time I'd finished moving the furniture it was dark and now there isn't any view at all.
I'm also about to go away for the weekend, but it does mean that in the longer term scheme of things I can look out of the window and see greenery when sewing or using the computer. This is a good thing.
I've still no idea where the cable for the camera is so no photos yet - sorry about that - but they'll hopefully be good when they arrive.
Time for bed, but I am getting there :-)

I think I shall actually buy myself another white table (or two) when I decide to bin the desk, and have a gleaming row of them under the window for sewing and computer use. They are not really the right thing for office work due to the shiny surface.

I have however made the happy discovery that the small rotary cutting mat sits neatly on top of the filing cabinet (its a 2 drawer one, so only table height) which slightly extends the teeny sewing area.
Cutting out is on a board on the bed, which is quite high for a bed but a bit low for a cutting table, but we live in the real world with non-ideal sewing situations and still mange to do stuff creatively and be happy.

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Sharon said...

It is amazing how we adapt to do our sewing and be creative. Enjoy your new outlook and have a wonderful weekend.