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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Labelling Stuff

I like labelling stuff. I didn't realise this was considered unusual, I label everything, otherwise how can I know what it is? Well maybe not everything, my kitchen and clothing cupboards are not labelled, though the baskets in the bottom of the wardrobe are.
My obsession with labelling came in handy when I moved. All the boxes were labelled with orange flourescent labels saying whats in them. Sadly I did not write - this one has the camera cable - on whichever one it is but hey ho.
My guests endlessly teased me when I labelled the sandwiches at my housewarming party, but hey no-one bit into a tuna sandwich thinking it was ham did they?
In the sewing room I label stuff. Burda Magazines, Knit fabrics, Scizzors, etc, mostly when stuff has gone away into drawers, boxes and magazine racks I find it helps to know what you have got.
Some of this is becuase I have quite a lot of stuff and try to keep it tidied away neatly (bwah hah hah).
My first proper IT job I was in charge of labelling the computers, printers, wall sockets and patch panels in the computer room (I fixed PCs, looked after the email and trained people too, but that didn't involve labelling). For this purpose I had a DYMO machine which printed out dinky little labels with which to label things. The DYMO belonged to the firm so I left it for my successor when I left.I miss the DYMO and it labelling officiousness. I think I might need to buy myself one....
not quite as essential as you know corkscrews or a kitchen timer (new recent purchases) but still it would make me VERY HAPPY!


Jenni said...

Oooh, yes. Another person who loves labelling stuff. I loved being in charge of the dymo machine in my previous job and my whole office was very neatly labelled. Woe betide the soldier who put the pencils back in the pen bay in the stationery cupboard. :)
I do label things at home too. Currently trying to work out a really effective way to label all my pots of beads.

Peggy L said...

Consider this an invitation to come visit me! I could keep you busy:)

Alison said...

A woman after my own heart! I always label stuff too. I'm in looooove with my Brother P-touch labeller. :)

Elle C said...

I don't think you are unusual in your love of labeling. I gave my ten year old niece a Brother P-touch for her birthday, and it was her favorite gift. I have not one but two labellers. a Brother P-touch in the sewing dungeon and a Dymo in the computer room, So there all you unorganized people.