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Thursday, 30 June 2011

More new fabric

I was in Leeds with work yesterday so nipped out at lucnhtime and picked up 2 pieces of nice knits from Jack's fabrics on the market. The Market in Leeds is huge and thriving and has several fabric stalls with quite good prices.
These were both £2.50 per metre and I bought 2m of each. This is enough to make a dress or 2 knit tops.

The left side is navy blue and creamy white geometric type print, the right is black and white floral. I like black and white prints becuase they can be mixed with each other and with plain black for interesting looks.

My thoughts on the 'interesting knit tops' is to thread my machines with black thread, leave out fabrics which can be sewn with black thread and let the fabrics and patterns inspire me.

I have a black, white, pink stipe fabric I wanted to use for this top but can't make the pieces fit on my wider and shorter TNT top front. Am thinking (yes that's the whirring noise you can hear).


sdBev said...

I do like your idea of mixing the black flower prints.

Rhoto said...

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! SWAP!! ;D

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love black 'n white prints too! And these are beautiful!