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Sunday, 19 June 2011

SWAP Stages

There was some discussion on the SWAP section on Stitchers Guild about the later stages, so I thought I'd report them here:-

To make sure that your formula works, choose 2 basic colours,
add a third complementary colour, and make sure the print has the two basic colours in it

Stage 1
2 Pants, in your basic solid colors
2 Skirts, 1 print/check*, 1 solid complementary color,
2 Blouses,
1 solid, 1 print/check*
4 Tops, in coordinating colors,spice it up
Cardigan jacket, basic color

Stage Two
Stage two, you can introduce some new colours here to spice things up,
which in turn leads to more combinations.
Cardigan jacket, 2nd basic color
3 long sleeve tops, coordinating colors
2 skirts, 1 solid, knee length,
1 long print*
1 blouse, print*
2 pants, coordinating colors

Stage Three
all new colors, lighter shades of the contrast colors in stage 1 & 2
2 Skirts, 1 print, 1 dots
2 blouses, same fabrics as skirts above
1 Big Shirt
1 Blazer
1 Pants

I have to say thats it too light on dresses, ie there are none, and a few are worth having.
Also print skirts - I'm a bit unsure about these days, they tend to look old fashioned.
And when a print skirt is OK, somehow when its put with a matching print blouse its very grandmother of the groom to me.
I am probably biased by the fact that I am heavy round the hips/thighs and avoid wearing print/colour on my bottom half, instead going for plain or striped dark skirts/trousers.


Jenni said...

I tend to avoid print skirts for the same reasons as you. Although I don't have one, I do think those Boden style A Line skirts in a heavy print cotton look cute rather than "grandma of the groom", likewise, a plain skirt with a print band on the hem seem to look good. But wide A lines/full skirts in a print are too much even for my frame and the skirt ends up wearing me.
Very useful review of the SWAP stages. I should print it out and study it as I am terrible for not following the SWAP stages through effectively and ending up with a less wearable wardrobe as a result.

Alison said...

I think print skirts limit your wardrobe somewhat so I prefer to stick to plains and use prints for my tops. Besides, I want people to look at my face not my bum!