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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Interesting knit top styles: Fabric unpacking

First up here's the 5 styles I'm exploring in a single slide.
This is because its too hard for me to keep all 5 images in my head at once.
I see from this that they (or perhaps I?) are a bit stripe obsessed.
Today I got the two boxes of knit fabric and emptied them into the sewing room - literally.
It makes quite a pile, though they vary a lot in how much I love them.
I shall go through and refold them and put them away in the cupboard (if they'll fit), leaving out any that made me smile.
Jenni (YorshireLass) is convinced this'll be an enormous pile, and since she's been shopping in fabric places quite a bit with me, and hence seen me in action with fabric, is frankly probably right.
I've still NO idea where the camera cable is so pictures of anything my end is fairly unlikely.


Linda T said...

Anxious to see your creations!

marysews said...

Let's see: You've recently moved, so anything you're hunting is either a) in the top of a box, b) in the middle of a box, or c) buried at the bottom of a box. Any more questions?

Gee, I hope you find the camera cable soon!

Tina said...

Those are cute tops. Are you going to draft your own patterns, or do you have some patterns in mind? Especially for the bottom left one.

vtmartha said...

Looking forward to following your knit top progress. You will find your camera cable as soon as you purchase a new one. In the meantime, have you thought of an Eye-Fi card? I love mine.

Jenni said...

Hope the cable turns up soon. Its most likely in a box marked "cosmetics" or "garden tools" I am looking forward to hearing how big that "smile pile" actually is. :) :) :)

shams said...

I do like these tops. I noticed this OOP Burda on ebay today and thought of you: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-70s-Burda-6897-Womens-Dress-Uncut-Sz-10-40-/260801116608?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb8f539c0

Elaray said...

Those tops are definitely inspiring. I can't wait to see what you come up with.