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Monday, 13 June 2011

Interesting knit top styles: 1

This top reminds me of something from Burda magazine I am sure, and has the mock cami added already which would help address the Burda neckline issues.
It wasn't in the 5 or 6 issues I checked in last night, does anyone recognise it from the last year or two?
My Burdas are not all unpacked yet.

This one seems to be a standard tee with a slightly cowled neckline which is then secured off to one side with a booch or similar. So that would be pretty easy to emulate. The brooch could even be pinned on (depending on the weight) and removed for laundering.

This one is a standard tee other than the seamed front. So I could probably recreate this one by making a full front pattern for a favourite tee and then cutting it up, adding the seam allowances back onto resulting pieces with stripe lines, then just sew up a the front, trim to fit the original front again and make up as normal. Could be a great way to use up strange shaped bits left from another project!

This is a knot front, only with the knot in a different place. This would require some drafting and messing about, but I have several knit knit top patterns already which could be a conceptual starting point.

This one is a fairly standard empire line pattern with some additional bodice overlays. Again would need a BIT of FIDDLING but I think could be done.

Would you like to see a challenge to make one or all of these 5 tops? It might be a good way of getting my sewing creative juices flowing again.


Anonymous said...

I looked through all four of my Burdas yesterday and remember seeing this one. It is from 10/2007 pattern 115.

PS This is my first time commenting. I really like your blog.

Janine said...

You sew so many knits that I think your skills will be well and truly up to the challenge. Look forward to seeing your results.

GypsyKate said...

I would definitely love to see you tackle this challenge, Ruth. I don't subscribe to Burda, but I was also pretty sure that I'd seen that style with the cetnre front drape knocking around the sewing blogs, too. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for this post. I'm always looking for cute knit top inspiration. My favorite is the last one. I'd love to see you make some!

Barbara said...

Ann at Gorgeous Things is making the Creative Cate Top, a pattern from Style Arc. It's very much like the cowl neck top you picture, with the neck yanked over to one side. Here's the listing for it, sorry for the length of the url!

Allison said...

Great tops, Ruthie. Thanks for posting these...lots of good inspriation there to step a little outside the usual T-shirt box.

So do you mean a challenge for yourself or is that a gropu sew-along style challenge? Just asking....

velosewer said...

I can see why each of these tops will be great to wear. You'll look great in these. Thanks for the ideas.

Audrey said...

You always find interesting, unique styles of knit tops. These are all fantastic. I can't wait to see your versions of them.

MushyWear said...

I'm chiming in late here, but I would love to see these tops made up. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. So many cool styles.