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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Denim Leggings

Using the basic Burda leggings from the January 2011 magazine in a size 44, I cut out some stretch denim leggings. The denim was a lot less stretchy than the last fabric I used which was a 4 way stretch knit, so I added super large seam allowances and then sewed the seams at 1/2". They are snug but quite wearable.
I took 3" of the top of leggings and 1.5" off the bottom before cutting them out and they are still plenty long enough. I used 2" elastic for the waist and did 5/8" machined hems to the legs, and there is still some scrunching at the ankles. I am 5'5" or therabouts.
I have chunky legs, and definitely don't consider leggings to be pants, so I tried a few things on before I settled on a wearable outfit. The best one only showed a tiny bit of the leggings
- long white linen shirt, worn over long coloured cami, dark denim leggings, knee length brown suede boots. Topped with the mink cable cardigan made from the throw.

I like them, and can see other dark stretch denim fabric pieces being used in a similar way in future.


sheila said...

I love leggings but I hate ME in leggings (tree trunk legs). Wearing them with a ballerina-length skirt sounds like an excellent compromise. I think I shall follow your lead!

pdiddly said...

I too know exactly what you mean about leggings - still enjoy wearing them.

Ruth said...

We share a name, we share an interest - let's be friends? I'm adding you to my blog list and I'll be your follower. Love your work!